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Scrappy Monster

Hey all! Well, here we are, exactly 3 weeks from my scheduled c-section when we will welcome Georgia into our family! I am getting very anxious, and so is Dustin. But, this post is actually a crafty post, so I will get to that.

A few months ago, I found this picture of “Scrappy Monsters” on Pinterest:


I thought, “How cute are those?! Oliver needs one.”. Well, I searched and searched and could not find a pattern for the things anywhere, and I was not going to pay for one, plus I just liked the idea of making one. So I ended up making my own pattern, and thought I’d share it with anyone else who wants to make their own. Important Note: I am no professional pattern-maker, nor am I a professional at sewing! But I figure for a sentimental stuffed friend for my child, it doesn’t need to be perfect. 🙂

You will need:

Fabric scraps (I did a different fabric for each piece, with the exception of the back and legs being the same)

Wonder Under


Sewing Machine


So here is what I did. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a bunch of fat quarters in all different patterns. I already had some fleece and some scraps that I planned to use, but I bought a few more things. Then I came home and drew up a pattern as best I could. I decided which fabrics I wanted to use for each piece and made a note so I wouldn’t forget. Everything is just scrap fabric or fat quarters, with the exception of the front of the body (fleece), and the white and black part of the eyes (felt). The pattern doesn’t include the 2 smaller eye pieces because I kind of just added those last minute, but you can find something to trace that’s about the right size.

So, I traced my pattern pieces onto the fabric, and then used Wonder Under to attach the face, belly, small pocket, and eye pieces. If you haven’t used Wonder Under yet, it makes things SO much easier. It just irons on and holds everything in place so that you can easily stitch around it. Once I had attached everything, I stitched around it. I like the look of a zig-zag stitch on things like this, so that’s what I used. Side Note: I had originally planned on making the large and small belly pieces into pockets, but I started attaching them with the Wonder Under without thinking, so they ended up not being pockets. You can do it either way.

After I had his body ready, I sewed his ears together, along with his legs. You’ll want to stuff the legs, so make sure you leave the end open to add stuffing. Then I sewed the two body pieces together, adding in the ears as I went. Again, make sure to leave part of the bottom open so that you can stuff it before stitching it up completely. Once you’ve stuffed the body (add a lot, because I thought Oliver’s was stuffed plenty and now it’s starting to go a little flat), then stitch up the bottom, adding the legs as you go. Here is what the finished product of Oliver’s looks like. Again, I’m no professional, and made this in about and hour and a half, but he LOVES it and now sleeps with it every night. 🙂


Front View


Back View

As you can see, I didn’t do a great job stitching up the bottom, but by that point I was tired and in a hurry to finish it (I made it at craft night with my mom and grandma). I just used a Sharpie to draw on the ‘x’ for the eye and the smile, but you could also stitch that on before you assemble the monster.

So there you have it! I have included the pattern, so get to sewing! Feel free to comment with questions or suggestions. I’ll do my best to answer your questions.


Scrappy Monster-Body-1

Scrappy Monster-Face & Belly

Scrappy Monster-Other Pieces

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  2. These are adorable!!

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